Who We Are

1Exhaust.com is one of South Africa's highly recognized brand names with distribution networks through out the country.

1Exhaust.com also exports to Europe, United Kingdom and the United States.
We offer a range of the finest high-quality, hand crafted stainless steel Performance exhaust systems,
sport Mufflers and exhaust tail pipes.

1Exhaust.com products stand for quality, tested performance, ultimate power gain and the latest styling looks. We realize that performance and power gain is achieved through 1-X's constant research and development programme together with manufacturing under the highest quality control.

1Exhaust.com products offer STYLE, PERFORMANCE and CUSTOMISED FLEXIBILITY. STYLE and PERFORMANCE is based on our variety of product and the practical yet stylish design of all our performance products. 1-X manufactures "High Flow" and "Turbo Flow" exhaust systems. Our customised flexibility offers our customers the combination of the above and a touch of their own imagination.

Our product range encompasses:

Mild Steel, 409 and 304 grade stainless Performance Silencers, Headers (Branch Manifolds) and universal silencers

409 and 304 grade stainless steel, highly polished systems and universal silencers

409 and 304 grade stainless steel, highly polished tail pieces

Mild and Stainless steel high flow exhaust tubing

Flanges, Gaskets, Manderel bends, tight Dairy and Press Bends

Various tube manipulation figures

1Exhaust.com Mission:

We would like to emphasize our high-quality and attention to detail.

We strive to manufacture a quality product resulting in a performance high flow exhaust systems.

1-X warrants its stainless steel products to the original it was fitted, againt defects in material and product workmanship for one million killer kilometres.

We welcome all to enjoy and grow with our full product range.